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Kelly Stevens

Having spent most of my working career in the legal field I have over 15 years experience in dealing with people with different levels of needs administratively and have an extensive background in senior secretarial positions.   I am a qualified Specialist Paralegal Practitioner in Family Law and have broadened my knowledge and skill set in completion of this qualification.

Having attained legally trained transcription and administration qualifications in the UK, I am a very competent  and accurate typist with excellent proofreading ability.

I enjoy helping people to become more productive, alleviate stress and freeing their mind for other important things.


  • Specialist Paralegal Practitioner in Family Law through the University of the West of England, Bristol
  • Advanced Family Law for Legal Support Staff (Australia)
  • Text processing Diploma
  • RSA Certificate in Administration and Secretarial Procedures
  • NVQ Administration Level 2
  • Stage 2 Diploma in RSA Text Processing
  • RSA initial text processing Distinction
  • Certificate for secretaries in divorce proceedings
  • Legal text processing, Stage 2 part 2
  • Communication in Business, Stage 1 & 2
  • Business Administration, Stage 2
  • Mail merge, Stage 2
  • Administration Practice, Stage 3

RSA Text & Word Processing

  • Stage 1 part 1
  • Stage 1 part 2
  • Stage 2 part 1
  • Stage 3 part 1
  • Stage 3 part 2

RSA Audio Transcription

  • Stage 1 part 2
  • Stage 3 part 2

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