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Copy Typing

KMS has been involved in extensive copy typing projects in many different formats.  Hand written memoirs and journals to a published book needed in digital format.  We deal with hand written works such as letters, CV’s, assignments, reports, transcripts and legal documentation.

Please contact us for your specific requirements.  Our standard copy typing rates start from $40 per 1500 words pro rata.


KMS provides grammar, punctuation and spelling checks with this service. We are experienced in using track changes extensively to enable our clients to continue to update their document with us on an ongoing basis.

KMS deals with any length of document and our standard proof-reading charges start from $65 per 2000 words pro rata.

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription comes in many forms, meetings, interviews, reports, or something more personal such as ideas you have recorded to look back on.  KMS has been involved with varying audio transcription, and is very experienced in the legal environment.  KMS has worked with clients in commercial law, family law, planning law and Strata Management.  Our Audio Transcription rates start from $1.50 per audio minute for 1 voice and 50c increments for each additional voice.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Zoom Dictation

If you prefer to dictate directly a Zoom meeting is a great way to liaise with KMS and have your work done in the moment.  Times are to be pre-agreed for a Zoom call and the work will be sent immediately upon completion.  A Zoom call is charged on a $45 hourly basis pro rata.

Assignments, Reports, Dissertations

Students can use this service for their hand written assignments and/or dissertations so that strict deadlines can be met.

This enables the student to concentrate on other assignments that they may have whilst having the benefit of a proofread, grammar checked and accurately typed document being returned to them.

Hand written reports or audio transcribed reports can also be typed, proofread and grammar checked.

Legal Documents

Statements, Affidavits, Briefs to Counsel, Consent Orders, Terms of Business, Commercial Contractual documents, Wills, Agreements, Barristers Advice and any other lengthy legal documentation can be provided by way of audio transcription or in a hand written document. 

Consent Order clauses are also helpful to outsource as this is often an extra business development project rather than an in-house PA task.  KMS also has involvement with departmental precedent building.  These precedents are put into particular client format which can then be updated and revisited easily thereafter.  Expert Statements are also useful for outsourcing as there is generally a time restriction on completion and deliverance to the Court.


If you are an Author with a hand written manuscript, KMS will copy type this for you completely hassle free.  We have experience with many forms of handwriting and work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate deliverance.  Should the Author wish to dictate their work, audio transcription is also accepted. Turnaround will be discussed at the time of initial contact.

On a separate note, typed manuscripts can be proofread by KMS ensuring grammar and punctuation is accurate throughout.

Excel Documents

Data input, tables, lists and financial reporting available. Quotes provided individually for this type of work.

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