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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a query after looking through this page please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via the contact page.

What do you want to know?

  1. What turnaround can I expect on my work?
    Most projects are turned around in 24 hours, some projects may be slightly longer but this can be discussed at the outset.
  2. How much will my work cost to have copy typed, audio typed or proofread?
    A flat fee of $10.00 is applied to any type of work for administrative purposes. A set fee of $25.00 for Copy Typing and $20.00 for Proofreading/Formatting will apply for any work up to 2000 words and below and any words thereafter will be charged at the same rate but pro rata. An estimate can be obtained directly from KMS Typing Services here. Alternatively you can obtain a quick free estimate by using the button which appears on every page of our website.
  3. What about postage costs?
    Postage ultimately depends on the client and how they wish their work to be returned to them. Work that can be scanned and emailed to KMS Typing Services and emailed back will of course eradicate postage. Alternatively, as stated in our Terms and Conditions, work will be returned by standard post unless otherwise indicated and this charge will be incorporated in the invoice.
  4. How can I send my sound file for audio transcription?
    When completing the order form there is an option to attach your audio file(s).
  5. How can I send my hand written work for proofreading?
    This can be scanned and emailed to or by post (please see above for further details).
  6. How long will my work be stored with KMS Typing Services?
    Completed works will be stored confidentially in KMS Typing Services systems should the need arise for you to require a copy. Should you wish for your work to be deleted from our system upon completion, please let us know at the outset.
  7. Can I be assured that the content of my work is kept confidential?
    KMS Typing Services works under strict confidential guidelines and all clients can be assured that their work is held that way. We hold client information in conjunction with the Privacy Act 1988.
  8. How do I communicate with KMS Typing Services?
    This can be done by email via or simply by using the contact page for any general queries. Alternatively via Skype.
  9. What if there are mistakes in my work and they need rectifying?
    KMS Typing Services takes all responsibility for any work up to 48 hours after dispatch in which any amendments or formatting changes can be made free of charge. After this time period the formatting and accuracy of the document lies with the client.
  10. How can I pay for my work?
    This can be done by way of Bank Transfer or Cheque.
    Cheques are to be made payable to Kelly Stevens
  11. What is KMS Typing Services' user name for Skype?
    This is kmstypingservices1. You will need this when searching for KMS Typing Services to add as a contact or alternatively use the Skype button on the website.
  12. How do I leave a message for KMS via Skype?
    This is a free service via Skype. Simply click the Skype button and you will be directed straight to voicemail where you can leave a message. If you already have Skype installed then this will automatically open the software, if not then you can download this at, this is free software and a free service. Please note the Skype button is simply for messages and dictation alone and your call will not be answered by a person, should you wish to speak to someone please send an email request for a call back.

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