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"I came to Kelly with an almost insurmountable word processing problem that had arisen in a document of mine. I couldn't get information about how to solve it from Microsoft, or Word, or several experts I consulted about it. Not even the Google oracle knew how to fix this one.

Kelly came up with a solution. I was extremely impressed by both her ingenuity and her persistence. Her service was very fast, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced. I intend to use her in the future for any typing or word processing needs Ii have."

Harris, Subud Voice Pty Ltd
Business client

"Really good service. Kelly did a great job and I would very much recommend her to anyone. There were absolutely no surprises, everything was done to time and to quality and Kelly brought real energy and enthusiasm to the challenge which made a big difference."

Ben, Warwick, UK
Personal client

"I came across Kelly's service with a Google search and I'm very glad I did! Prompt and accurate typing with excellent, personable customer service. I wouldn't hesitate to use her service again!"

Katy Hall, TV Producer, London
Personal client

"We are so thrilled by the ease and professionalism when dealing with Kelly of KMS Typing Services, that we have extended our initial smaller transcription job into a larger onoing working relationship. I would enthusiastically recommend KMS to anyone."

Alice, Windsor, VIC Australia
Personal client

"Delighted with the service you've provided. I won't hesitate to use you again for any further work that comes up."

Julian Halliwell, Simplicity Web Services Ltd, London
Business client

"I think you did an excellent job and I would recommend you to my friends."

Judy Browne, London
Personal client

"Kelly was very helpful, she did a great job."

Robert Smith, Northolt, UK
Personal client

"I was absolutely delighted with the professionalism of the service provided and the speed and accuracy with which the work was carried out."

Alan Johnson, Hertfordshire, UK
Personal client

"Very responsive and prompt, I like the personal service."

Ariowa Omigie, London
Personal client

"Friendly communication, prompt replies."

Anon, SEAL Analytical, Germany
Business client

"KMS provided me with an excellent service. Quick and accurate work produced on time. I will definitely come back again!"

Maggie Robb, Haslemere, Surrey, UK
Personal client

"A highly professional approach with a matching high quality professional, quick and efficient work. Also very good at communicating with feedback and updates. A great example of what a service should be."

Shiraz Durrani, Vita Books, London
Business client

"I am happy to recommend KMS Typing Services. I needed a document copying and found KMS along with other firms on the internet via Google. Having sent late on a Friday night several unsolicited emails with an attached 19 page document in pdf format for copy typing. I had a quote back from KMS within a couple of hours. Having confirmed the price on Saturday morning, KMS provided the copied document in word format later that day, all on a Saturday. The other firms I contacted did not get back to me until Monday and all quoted the same price. The service and quality of work were outstanding service and at a very reasonable price. Thank you Kelly, I shall certainly use your services again. A very happy customer."

Tony Groom, MDO Consultants Ltd, London
Business client

"Thank you for your work, again I must commend you for your pleasant tone as I spoke to you earlier, made me confident that I was giving my work to a diligent and most certainly friendly pleasant person"

Rose Nujunga, Maidenhead, UK
Personal client

"KMS service was excellent. Your staff namely Kelly Stevens was very professional but also gave it an extra personal touch that was very reassuring. The services were delivered timely and requests made for corrections got excellent response. A friendly tone when talking to the client always helps and that what I got from KMS.I am glad your services were in place to assist with typing (earlier) and formatting because that meant I was confident as I handed in a very presentable Thesis. Thank you."

Rose Nujunga, Maidenhead, UK
Personal client

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