Privacy Policy

This is KMS Typing Services’ (“KMS”) updated Privacy Policy.  KMS acknowledges and confirms that under this policy we are the “controller” of personal information.  KMS’s legal basis for obtaining personal data is to fulfill contractual obligations only.

This Policy sets out how we obtain, manage and utilise your personal information together with clarifying the control you, our client(s), have over your own information. This includes how to opt in and also out of further communications if necessary

What type of information does KMS collect?

Personal data is collected only when you engage with us via our contact form on our website and you provide it to us or if you email us directly.

If you have completed the contact form on our website, and ticked the “agree to” box, you consent to KMS using the information you have provided in the above-mentioned way, and you understand that we retain it only to communicate with you and to send your invoice at the completion of agreed works.

KMS confirms that no Cookies are used on our website and so no personal information is being collected when you visit our site.

KMS will make every effort to keep all personal information stored up-to-date and amend any incorrect information as soon as possible to ensure accuracy.

At the conclusion of works you, as a client of KMS, will be invited to provide feedback by way of testimonial. You will also have the option, on the feedback form, to consent to this information being used on KMS’ website.

How long is my information stored?

KMS will retain your personal information for as long as is necessary to complete works.

Should any hard copy information be provided to KMS, this will be confidentially shredded after completion of work unless agreed to be returned. On completion of works all electronic information is permanently deleted after 14 days. The deletion of electronic information includes the work prepared by KMS and any documentation which has been sent to KMS in engagement of services.

Engagement Agreements are kept on electronic file for 2 years and then confidentially shredded or electronically deleted.

Should an arrangement be made for longer storage of work, this can be agreed with KMS and clients can consent to this by email.

What security is in place for my data via KMS' accounting?

KMS provides invoices to clients through the software Wave. Wave provides extensive accounting software to companies globally.

How do I request removal of my personal details?

Contact us with your request. This will result in immediate action in removal of personal information. You have the right to request any of the personal information KMS holds. You can do this via email to us. KMS will deal with your request with urgency.

Will this Policy be updated and how often?

KMS will attend to the updating of this Privacy Policy to comply with ever-changing regulations and will notify all of our existing clients of the updates when these occur and can always be found on our website.
Should you have any queries in relation to this Privacy Policy please Contact us.

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